COVID-19 Update


This month we will be replacing rakes on the course and on golf carts, sand bottles, score cards & pencils. As more science is released along with ever changing policies from the governors office we have decided that at Mistwood Golf Course we will be focusing on what we are required to do legally while we embrace the advantages built in to the game of golf that limit the spread of viruses as a whole, including COVID-19.

Although it is your responsibly to practice Social Distancing and good hygiene, here some things we are doing to help YOU do that better.

  • Automatic Soap & Paper Towel dispensers in club house bathrooms.
  • Disinfectant spray stations at all entrances, exits and cart pick up.
  • Temporary Restrooms on each course have been upgraded with hand wash stations
  • Any item intended prepared for use by our staff for our golfers will be done with a sterilized hand. (i.e. carts, pencils, cards, etc…)

Pertaining to golf.

  • The foam pads that keep the ball from falling to the bottom the hole will remain in place. We have decided they are kind of nice. If you feel they can keep your ball from dropping in the hole your welcome to remove the flag stick.
  • Rakes are back at the bunkers and any respectable golfer should be doing the respectable thing by practicing good hygiene when using them for repairs after sand shots. Mistwood Golf Course has NO course rule in play for balls in disturbed lies in sand traps.
  • Sand Bottles have been returned to cart, please use them to repair divots.

Additional modifications pertaining to operating within the legal requirements of Executive Order 2020-96 where we operate in region 6 of the state of Michigan where further exceptions to the stay at home order exist.

  • Our staff is instructed to wear a mask when unable to remain 6 feet away from other individuals. For more information click here
  • Food & beverage concessions currently only consist of take out items.
  • For the time being dinning will not be available at Mistwood Golf Course.

For further questions please contact:

Robby Ellingson
General Manager
Mistwood Golf Course

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