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Northern Michigan Triple Crown of Golf

The Triple Grown of Golf

Three Days, Four Champions

Cash prizes awarded daily in multiple man-on-man contests with a combined point total to reward consistent players over the course of three days and 99+ holes of golf. Polish up that handicap and throw your hat in the ring. With a field limited to 16, only a few spots are available.

20,000 points are awarded to the winner of each contest with -1,000 less for each finishing spot through 16th. The point total for the three days is added and the Triple Crown Winners are established.

FRIDAY | 8/13

The Derbys’

Friday 8/13 will consist of three 9 Hole Derbys’ with the entire field teeing off on the first hole of each of the three Derbys. At the conclusion of each hole, the 2 highest scores will be removed from the leader pack and continue on in match play through the 9.


King of the Course

After the Derbys, a ranking of the field will establish 4 groups of 4. King of the Course is a variation on the beach volleyball game King of the Court. The foursome will play 27 holes of team match play switching parters after each 9 with each won hole counting as a point. Each player accrues points throughout the duration of the 27 holes and 3 different partners. After 27 holes establish 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place a sudden-death final of 9 holes will commence.

SUNDAY | 8/15

Match Play

After 2 days of play, the leader board of the Triple Crown will be shuffled again and the 3rd and final day of competition will begin. Players’ rankings will establish a bracket for man-on-man match play. Each match will be 9 holes with 4 matches establishing 1st place through 16th.

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