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Triple Crown of Golf

Three Days, Four Champions

The Triple Crown of Golf

Join us for the 3rd Annual Triple Crown of Golf at Mistwood Golf Course. Cash prizes are awarded daily in multiple man-on-man contests with a combined point total to reward consistent players over the course of three days and 99+ holes of golf. Polish up that handicap and throw your hat in the ring. With a field limited to 32, spots are limited.

FRIDAY | 8/19

The Derbys’

Friday 8/19 will consist of four Derbys. Two flights of Seeding Derbys and Two flights of Final Derbys.

The Seeding Derbys’ will tee off and play 4-hole each. After these short Derbys played on adjacent courses, the flights will be established and assigned to the Winners & Losers Final Derby.

The Final Derbys’ will play nine holes, with the two highest-scoring players eliminated after each hole. The two eliminated players will lag off to establish who takes the corresponding place in their Derby Finish.

Triple Crown Points are awarded for each of the three days of competition. Every match & point counts.


King of the Course

After the Derbys, a ranking of the field will establish four groups of 4. King of the Course is a variation on the beach volleyball game King of the Court. The foursome will play 27 holes of team match play, switching parters after each 9.  Each won hole will count as a point. Each player accrues points throughout the 27 holes with the three partners they will play.

The Final:
After the 27 holes are complete, players with the most points will be arranged into four groups that will compete for 1st through 16th place in a sudden death nine-hole round, changing partners every 3rd hole.

SUNDAY | 8/21

Match Play

After two days of play, the leader board of the Triple Crown will be reshuffled, and the 3rd and final day of competition will begin. Players’ rankings will establish a bracket for man-on-man match play. Each match will be nine holes, with four matches to establish 1st place through 32nd.

The Fifth & Final Round of Four
Only the Final Four undefeated players will play in the 5th round of the Match Play tournament.  It will have been a long day and weekend of golf at Mistwood, and it has been determined that the event is best served with a solid peanut gallery to follow around the Final Four.

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